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Mar 22, 2012 4:00am EDT
algerian extract. he said he trained with alquida and returned to france. he's admitted to carrying out the recent killings in the area. he says he killed the three french soldiers to protest western intervention in afghanistan and killed the three children and adult at a jewish school earlier this week in revenge for children killed in palestine. >>> the man called into a french network. >> he said he wasn't scared. and he said the only thing that would stop him would be the prison or death. and he would welcome both. >> a prosecutor says he had planned more attacks and an end to the situation will come as a relief for the rhes debits. >> now, here's a look at some other stories making news early today in america. security camera captured a home invasion in philadelphia. at least six gunmen attacked a couple as they're pulling into their driveway. one of the victims can be seen crawling on the pavement. the robbers took cash and jewelry. >>> a big scare for an ohio family after 25 foot long boulder rolls down a hillside and crashed into their home smashing two cars along with it. t
Feb 29, 2012 11:30pm EST
think, a good job in going after the top leadership of alquida, including bin laden. but we can't rest. i mean, alquida is made of coalition with al-shabaab. i just came back from north africa and everywhere i went from algeria to more rack occom talked a lot about security. we have to constantly be responding with our intelligence community and military means, if necessary. but we have to be on the ground picking up the information that can then be shared with our intelligence and military professionals and we also put together, for the first time this past year, a global counter terrorism forum where we have the major players from around the world. i hosted the first meeting with turkey in september. we're setting up a center in the uae to counter violent extremism. so these are all parts of the multitudous role that the diplomacy and development experts that state and usaid perform y and, obviously, we think it's important work because we do it, you know, with great pride. >> well, i thank you for that. i know they do it with great pride. and to great effect. i think one of the
Mar 27, 2012 5:00pm PDT
cockpit. passengers then heard the captain utter the word bomb and alquida. this is youtube video of the incident. i wrestled a little bit and got him turned around and other passengers got on. we all got on top of him. the captain was then taken to a medical facility. >> gusty win and rain, already blowing through the bay area. it should be intensifying throughout this evening. our chief meteorologist is in our weather center tracking this time line. >> right now, it is starting to get going. going. pretty good across the peninsula. the waves and winds over 50 miles per hour. you may have some flight delays at oakland. now, this wet, wintery blast is not only producing rainfall here but throughout a good session of northern california. and also that jet stream helping to amplify things and produce this wind. right now, we are tracking that moderate rain up into the north bay. this is now impacting san prawn sis co as we head down into anher 6-8 hours to go.ine. back for the south bay, we have some dry air starting to fill in with rain starting to increase. so our biggest concern will be
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3